How I met my First Escort, who later became my wife

If your wife treated you well as a hooker, then the world would have the strongest marriages ever. If you haven’t heard of that old chestnut, then you probably have a perfect relationship. My ten-year-old marriage ran into the drains. In marriages, as men, we are looking for passion, satisfaction, and, most importantly, raising a perfect family. However, when there’s no sexual satisfaction, the mind starts to wonder. The bodily desires begin to flow in; in the end, we commit to other ladies. Here’s a story of how I met this London escort lady.

James is my name. I work in London with a local IT company. At times, my job’s nature dictated that I had to work for long hours trying to fix client issues; thus, when I get back home, I expect some warm reception that can help me calm my nerves from the nagging clients. At first, it was all well. However, as our relationship morphed into marriage within one year, things changed from the hot sexy bedroom to almost a cold old puppy nostrils. I kid you not; things weren’t okay between us, and my fiancée could not admit to any of it. Every time I tried talking to her about it, she would scold me.

Without any other option, I talked to a few friends who gave me advice on what to do if I was being denied my conjugal rights.

One fine afternoon, I walked through our office blocks to grab a cup of coffee to help spice my day and help me sane, albeit for a few hours. As I walked across the streets, I heard a car hoot behind me. Guess who was in the car? Alex, my old high school buddy. After noticing him, I signaled him to drive off the highway and park at the restaurant’s visitor parking lot. Alex was driving a Porsche Limousine with tinted windows.

We both walked into the restaurants, grabbed a cup of coffee for two. And being a Friday, Alex hinted that he would not spoil his Friday moods by taking coffee but would show me some good stuff. We both walked to his car, and when he opened the door, I was shocked. In the car were two glamorous ladies sharing a glass of whisky.

My heart skipped; I hadn’t seen such beauty in a long time. That’s when it dawned on me that I’ve been overworking myself to distract myself from my relationship issues. After some light moments with the ladies, we drove away to Alex’s apartment.

After settling in, Alex and I took a stroll through the gardens, and I kept asking how he met those fine chicks. And the answer was, you must mature up and know where to get some good ladies with whom you can share a good time without attachments. Escorts? I exclaimed. But deep down, I knew I was sexually starved, and I need to give this a trial. After 15 minutes, we got back to the house, and Alex signaled one of the ladies to follow him to his room.

To break the silence between us, I started a light conversation to try and understand her. From the discussion, one thing led to another. We had some pleasantry exchanges, and after two 10 minutes, I’m not sure how we ended up in a tongue talk. We started exchanging some light kisses, which turned into deep French, and before long, she reached out to my already in demand Johnny. She unzipped my trouser and reached out for my balls as I raced to grab her already erect and hard nipples.

For a while, I had never had such a good time. Eve, my girl, knew how to do her job. She knew the right places to touch. Like someone playing the guitar, she handled every note and played it well, and all I was experiencing was like a dream. For the first time, I spent a night out and didn’t feel guilty about it even for a minute. It was one of the fascinating nights of my life.

In the morning, as I prepared to leave, we exchanged contacts, and Alex dropped me off at my house. I quickly changed and got to sleep. After getting some good sleep, I texted Eve if we could meet another time again. Since I delivered too during the night and didn’t leave her without reaching her orgasm, she agreed that she wouldn’t mind if I could meet her rates if I become her client. And as a model of Cleopatra Escorts agency; she urged if I would stay off the agency and be her private client, something I agreed to.

After one week, we meet again, and this time, we had grown fond of each other. Therefore, we didn’t even need to grab drinks to get down to bedroom matters. What marveled me with Eve is her mastery of foreplay and delivery.

Folks, who falls in love with an escort? Well, if you’ve not to be treated like a king in your life, then you might say it’s a nuisance to fall for an escort. What started as a one night stand with Eve grew into an affair. I divorced my first wife, and right now, I’m happily married, but to who? My first escort lady. Sound weird, I know, but you never know in this world where you will meet the love of your life, someone who will take care of you and give you the love that you need. And that’s how I met an escort who later became my wife.