Christmas gift

Christmas agitates everyone. From getting present for the loved one to organising Christmas dinner, this period of time may cause a lot of stress.
I remember my dad how stressed he would be in the holiday season. He. Has to arrange the house by decorating it, by fixing all that is broken in the house. Because friends and family will come over and everything must be in order.
Mist of the stress will come from my mom. She had this power to get my father to exhaustion.
It’s a shame how a holiday so big that means spending time with the loved one and relaxing can cause so much stress.
Now That I’m all grown up I still can’t relate to what they’re going though. I don’t have this obsession for decorating the all house in green and red. And I still don’t get crazy with cleaning the entire house and fixing everything that’s wrong.
I think times have changed. Because now everyone wants to go out, to be served in a nice restaurant. No one wants to be the host anymore and do all the cooking. I guess it’s because we don’t have the time anymore and the patience they used to have.

One thing that haven’t changed is the custom of buying nice gifts for the loved ones. I hope this never changes.
Every year I make a list with what everyone it’s wishing for. I try to buy them exactly what they need, if of course my budget allows it. I can’t be generous all the time and beside, I have a big family and lots of best friends. And not to forget my boyfriend.

But the good side of being surrounded by so many loved people is that you get to receive presents from all of them. I already emailed my list with the gifts I want.
Some of the gifts are material some are emotional.

The most important gift I am looking to get it’t this IPL hair removal device from Remington. My best friend has it and it’s supposed to be very effective. She decided to buy it after she tested at her friend. She used it twice and saw immediate hair loss. And the good news it is not so expensive and you get to do IPL hair removal at home. It is supposed to be the best home laser hair removal for sensitive skin.

Anyway, I can not wait for this holiday to come. And not only for the gifts but for the holiday spirit and especially, for the magical snow that comes along with Christmas.

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