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The Do’s and Don’ts of Being an Escort in London

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Being an escort entails a lot, and that means you have to be passionate willing to take up of becoming the best there is in the industry. There are many benefits and drawdowns of being an escort. The biggest drawdown is the fact that the society discriminates us and views us differently.

Having been an escort for many years and now mature, I can clearly tell you that there are crucial things you need to consider if you want to survive in this business. That doesn’t mean that it’s an awful job, it just means you need to be cautious if you want to operate efficiently. Below are some of the do’s and don’ts of being an escort. Check them out.

What You Should Do

When looking to join the escort industry, there are various things that I would advise you to do. Below are some of them.

1. Join an Agency

If you are just a beginner and don’t know much about the industry, it is crucial to consider joining a reliable agency first to be on the safe side. The benefit of joining an agency is that you will get to learn a lot, interact with other escorts in the business, and be safe while meeting clients since they are the ones who will come to you.

2. Meet Clients in Secure Places

If you’re an independent escort, it is essential to consider meeting clients in secure places. You can conduct research to find out some of the best and most secure places in London to meet clients. If a client insists on choosing their own meet up place, make sure to thoroughly check and confirm that you will be in safe hands.

3. Request Payment in Advance

Throughout my years of being a busty escort, I have come to learn that asking clients for payment in advance or as soon as you arrive at the meet up location. Don’t allow the client the freedom of paying afterwards because in most cases you might end up not getting the money.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Here are some of notable things that you shouldn’t do as an escort.

1. Don’t Give Out Your Home Address

As you continue to meet more clients, there will be attempts by some of them to try and get your home address. I would highly recommend that you refrain from giving clients your address because that could be a huge risk.

2. Don’t Use Your Personal Mobile for Business

Being an escort, you need to try as much as possible to keep your life private. That means you shouldn’t use you mobile phone to call or receive calls from clients. That can easily expose you to clients who are nosey, leading them to get your address.

3. Avoid Carrying Personal Stuff in Your Purse When Meeting Clients

When you are going out to meet clients, I would advise you not to carry anything that can identify you. That can prove to be a huge mistake if the client is not a good one. Therefore, this is something that you really need to keep in mind.